Free Spirit Has A New Home...BUT...

Due to unusual early rains Free Spirit suffered another year of flooding.  We have been on our property for 3 and 1/2 years and the flooding each year has become a major problem.  We have lost the use of the farm each year for no less than 4 months and this year we going to lose at least 6 months of property use.  This flooding became dangerous this year as the mud was up to knee deep in most areas and there were no dry places for the animals at all.  Every paddock was flooded and for the first time the water was entering the barn.  We were desperate to find property.  Because of the year after year of rain and destruction, we decided the best thing would be to move the rescue.  Closing was not an option as the need for rescue is so great.  We were blessed to have a supporter reach out and offer us the use of her property.  This property was perfect for our needs and the thick green grass was exactly what we were hoping for.  Our new property is wide open with plenty of room for all of our animals.  There is only one problem...we do not have a barn.  We also lack shade as the property is wide open.  We have been able to build a run in barn in our front pasture for our elderly horses and have added sun shades for the back paddock.  We have been able to build a new goat enclosure and have also added sun shades for them as well.  While the sun shades work, they are not a solid solution for the horses   We need to build a barn as soon as possible to not only protect our horses, but we will not be able to take in new rescues without the space to protect sick or injured equines.  We will need to build a barn, a training arena, round pens and paddock fencing to complete the farm.  We are in need of raising $15,000 to complete the process.  If you would like to help us build our much needed barn, please join our sponsorship program.  All money is 100% used for Free Spirit as we are a not for profit organization.  

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