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What is Free Spirit Rescue

Free Spirit Rescue was designed to save lives. Although we started as an equine rescue, we quickly discovered there was a need for other farm animals. We now house not only horses, but ponies, donkeys, goats, cats, dogs and a pot belly pig.

The abused, neglected and abandoned have a place with Free Spirit. They come to us broken, sad, hungry,  scared and often very angry.. We change those negatives and re-introduce them to Care. LOVE. Compassion. In a few days or sometimes weeks, we are able to rebuild trust and show them not all is bad. We promise them to never return to those horrible lives and protect them through strict adoption contracts for the rest of their lives. We fully retrain them and match them to the perfect owner through our on property lease program. This program allows us to monitor the relationships between our rescues and their new owner prospect. Once we determine the perfect match has come about, we allow them to take their new family member home for their happily ever after.

Our lease program is for no less than 8 weeks and sometimes longer if we feel the new owner needs additional training with their new companion.

We are a NOT FOR PROFIT rescue and every penny brought into the rescue is invested back into Free Spirit. We are a fully functioning volunteer based rescue and pride ourselves with training the best volunteers available who share our passion for natural horsemanship and rehabilitation.

What We Do

At Free Spirit Rescue, we accept the most difficult cases.  Many equines come to us needing to gain no less than 300/400 pounds.  Their diets are designed per equine and their absolute need.  This is more than grain.  It also includes specific hay, supplements, medications and very structured vet and farrier care timelines.  As a not for profit organization, we rely on the public to assist us.  We hold events, offer training, have a sponsorship program (one time or monthly) and a shopping page to assist us in continuing our efforts.  If you would like to help us please click on "How To Help" for more information.   

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